Sheltered and private luxury retreat in the heart of Italy!
Magical destination with a unique park, our own waterfall – ideal place for a getaway.
Visit us!
Space of breathtaking beauty
37 acres (15 ha.) of natural beauty and art-objects
Place of power created as a creativity catalyst that now opens its' doors for travellers.
Our boutique-hotel, is secluded and private and is placed near (12 km) the city of Assisi on the hills of Subasio.
Placed in Italy's landlocked heart – a bucolic blanket of hills, peaks and plains provides infinite possibilities for long walks and our very own waterfall provides fresh breeze even in the hottest of the days.
This is a place for long promenade, observing nature's delights and revitalization.
Our territory is filled with art-objects, viewing sites and special spots for talks, thoughts and meditation.
Park Incantico
We provide luxury appartments in wooden chalet or historic stone houses with the comfort of hotel suite. All Incantico's apartments have a private garden. The interior of suites combines modern equipment with authentic historical artifacts. Every room is decorated with works of theatre painters of XX century.

Incantico's main idea is to combine modern daily comfort with soulful experience.
You can rent a suite for a week and longer. For any specific conditions (short stays, large groups, strategic sessions) please, contact
Incantico is a place of the concentrated beauty.
You will feel magnificent and inspired here.
Do come.
We host strategic & insight meetings for businesses, coaching and psychotherapy sessions and private events.
Incantico was created as a "think space" – a catalyst of effectiveness for groups. We have both the usual infrastructure (equipped hall for presentations), and unusual "thinking catalysts" (spots specially designed to enhance creativity and give new perspective – like perogals and amphitheatre for strategic sessions.

For booking and more information, please, contact
+39 3 407 370 072
Frazione Porziano 95
Assisi (PG), 06081
How to reach us
We will help you reach us from the closest town of Assisi (or will gladly explain every turn if you travel by car)
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